New Jamie Lenman single , ‘Mississippi’

I'm sorry, I don't know who took the OG picture. I think it's  Chris Baker.

I’m sorry, I don’t know who took the OG picture. I think it’s Chris Baker.

Just a quick one to let you all know you should listen to Jamie Lenman’s new song, Mississippi.

I would embed it here, but it won’t let me, so I’ll just link you here.

“I’m super excited for people to hear the new material,” he says, “and I’m looking forward to seeing folks in person throughout the year.” Thoughts? Absolutely, yes. And there’s potential tour dates coming up? Get in.

Listen to the song if you want something from Jamie that feels… sludgy? Let’s not label it and just say it’s a fun listen if you like rock music.


Big Lenny B Debuts New Tune

Release Date For Solo Album Announced

Big Lenny B is a bassist that has rubbed shoulders with  some rather big names as a supporting and session musician, however, this year Lenny is making the jump to releasing his solo material. He’s shared the stage with many big names, such as: Feeder, Razorlight, The Feeling, Noah and the Whale, as well as supporting the likes of Foxes and Scouting for Girls.

This year, Lenny is putting that experience into practice and releasing his debut solo album, …& Friends. Right now, you can also stream the first single from that, In A minute.

The single is available on February the 16th and the album will be available on the 23rd of February, so stay tuned if you like what you hear above.

The song itself is a sickly sweet sounding tune that sounds like Muse with more major key synth arpeggios going on. It sounds incredibly bombastic with the swooping vocals and the majestic chorus and the dramatic drums. Basically, this means that the song is made for arena rocking, even the little electronic samples that bleep and bloop along with the airy percussion and reverbed guitar during the interlude.

It’s all good fun and that is perfectly suited for the nostalgia-heads that miss a bit of Bryan Adams every now and then. If that sounds like your sort of deal, mark down the 23rd of February for the album …& Friends.

Want to keep up-to-date with Mr B? Check out the links below:

New Music Review – Fate Vs Free Willy – Every Human Was A Child (EP)

artworks-000082458685-zbvc5u-t500x500Band: Fate Vs Free Willy
EP: Every Human Was A Child
Genre: Noise, rock, punk
Social Media: Facebook/Soundcloud/Label Website

Fate Vs Free Willy are a noise/punk outfit from Finland that combine noise elements into a very punk way of making music. Fate Vs Free Willy are releasing their  debut 7″ EP titled Every Human Was A Child in July or August, exact date to be confirmed, on behalf of growing indie label If Society Records.

The band themselves seem to have fit themselves into this niche of sounds, the aggressive mix of punk and fizzy noise, all held together with ritualistic drums and sounds. The overall sound makes me think that I should be joining a cult or sect of some description. It’s all very infectious.

What I’ve noticed with this record is, is that it is one that you have to have up really fucking loud to appreciate; the sounds and noises that are being produced are thick and overwhelming to the ears. However, it’s this loud and proud nature that leads me to think/know that these guys would be incredible in a live situation, with crowd interaction galore.

In terms of what the songs bring to the table, Hearts, has the most graphic of drum beats that get the heart and instincts pumping. There are also these little flurries of guitar bends that are just, so vicious.

This very general sound of noise and catchy, if indistinguishable vocals, are constant throughout the EP. Swallow is the best example of this: you’re given a riff, beat and the simplest of vocals just to bash your head along to and enjoy.

For a 7″ EP, this is an interesting start for Fate Vs Free Willy and i’m dying to see where else they take their material. Give me more angst and huff in the songs and some more content to sing along to.

Check out the debut EP Every Human Was A Child next month or in August; stay tuned for more details from graphic noise heads, Fate Vs Free Willy.

If you want to pre-order the EP, check the link here.

New Music Review – Shudder & Sectioned Split CD

a1319496172_10Band: Shudder + Sectioned
Genre: Shudder (Drone-rock) + Sectioned (Crust-punk)
Social Media: Shudder (Facebook, Bandcamp) + Sectioned (BandcampFacebook)

We’ve got something different today, we’ll be listening to two artists that have shared their most recent release together. Shudder and Sectioned are from Edinburgh and both utilise one concept in general, despite their almost completely contrasting sounds; that concept being noise.

Shudder are an atmospheric, drone, noise duo that incorporate this noisy, lofi vibe about them to create a sense of dread and atmosphere around their music. Both of the songs on this split are dark and massive. Imagine going for a walk along the bottom of the grand-canyon and hearing a band playing at the peak of the mountains; that is the spacious, echoey sound that you can expect from Shudder.

The first track with Shudder stumbles along like a drunk in the dark with vocals to set the dreary mood. What I really enjoyed about this track, is how it grew in a very unique way; usually bands go for obvious crescendo tactics, but Shudder implemented a unique use of this increase in intensity, a tease at an, explosion and then an actual explosion. It’s difficult to describe without listening to it.

Dusk’s guitar sounds rusty and that’s not to say the strings need a change, it’s to say that the tone has gone for a very specific sound and has achieved it. At times, it does feel like the guitar is going along for a ride with the fantastic drums on this tune; they’re enthusiastic, passionate and prominent. Part of me would like to see these gents put through a bit of a more polished set up, just to see what it would sound like, but there’s always a possibility that they could lose some of that rusty and dusty charm.

Sectioned are boisterous and piercing in the way they sound. Their use of noise creates a wall of toxic that smothers listeners in the short amount of time that they are demolishing your eardrums.

To me, Sectioned sound very much, like a crust-punk band, similar to From Ashes Rise, or His Hero Is Dead; they’re just massive and a force to be reckoned with. Much like these two bands, the vocals are sharp, they’re just the way I like my metal vocalists; if you’re going to scream and be a vocalist, scream and be a vocalist, don’t be a wuss about it.

I love the outro to Another Cog, the song ends 45 seconds earlier, but they mess with feedback and loopings until it’s just this massacre of sounds and it’s beautiful. That song then leads into Placid, my favourite track from these guys. The drums on this thing, holy-fucking-shit; get some decent headphones and it’ll feel like someone is drilling your ear with a fist.

All of the songs from Sectioned are ravenous and hungry for human flesh, whereas Shudder’s instrumentation implies that they might cook you and then eat you with rusty utensils.

A powerful, in every sense of the word, split album that is worth your time, just let someone know where you go before you listen, or you might not come back in one piece, or at all.